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Liquid Track Liner 

Fabulous eyes get in line!

Our unique  water resistant felt tip  Liquid Track Liner creates ultra-sharp precision with super-intense definition. Glides on smooth like silk, guarentted to lock your look with a flake proof results. Natural, classic, sexy, goth or glam? You draw the line in customizing your style!

Yaaaaaas....Custom Eyes are in Full Effect!

Jet Black -  Sienna Brown Only

Jet Set Gel  Liner



You have found the winner!  Bullet proof beauty made for YOU... Swim, sweat,  cry...No worries - we’ve got you covered! Our silky smooth formula is completely WATER PROOF!  Rim your inner top bottom lash line for dramatic definition and with out the fuss.Get flawless smudge proof results.

Universal CUSTOM EYES Glam Set

The GLAM SET >>>  Every Beauty MUST HAVE in their bag! Includes 3 of our TOP SELLERS

in the market!  A.B.W

Our  Universal XL Face & Body Illuminating Bronzer delivers a buildable punch of highlight and radiance to every complexion to perfection in seconds!

JET SET GEL LINER: (Ink Black) is the winner!  Bullet proof beauty made for YOU! Swim, sweat and cry ...No worries - We’ve got you covered! Completely >>> WATER PROOF!

LIQUID TRACK LINER: (Ink black) creates instant drama and definition.Glide this felt tip liner along your top  and bottom lash line - POP those lashes on and out the door you go with  a fresh NATURALLY flawless look you can bulid on.

$80.00 Set  =  On SALE NOW $60.00! >>>>

4 piece set  - While supplies last!

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Paraban / Lead FREE - Fragrance FREE - Cruelty/Gluten  FREE - Water Proof Formulas!

Paraban / Lead FREE - Fragrance FREE - Cruelty FREE - Water Proof Formulas

Paraban / Lead FREE - Fragrance FREE - Cruelty FREE - Water Proof Formulas



Brow Precision Pencil

Volume X MOD Mascara

Fluff up and lift those lashes with our infamous slplash proof  Volume X Mascara! Allow your eyes to take centerstage. Lengthen, curl, volumize and lock lashes into place for all day wear. Formulated to immediately thicken your lash folicles instantly delivering maximium -dramatic results!

Water resistant - Black only

Our micro precision retractable, (sharpen free) brow pencil, with built in grooming brush, offers controlled brow filling and lining  quickly and effortlessly!

Our unique formula delivers a well defined non- transferable  brow revealing a well refined polished look.



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Paraban / Lead FREE - Fragrance FREE - Cruelty FREE - Water Proof Formulas

Paraban / Lead FREE - Fragrance FREE - Cruelty FREE - Water Proof Formulas