Customize YOUR style and #LASHOUT!


Liquid Track Liner 

Fabulous eyes get in line!

This unique  water resistant felt tip  Liquid Track Liner creates ultra-sharp precision with super-intense definition. Glides on smooth like silk, guarentted to lock your look for a 24 hour, flake proof hold. Natural, classic, sexy, goth or glam? You draw the line in customizing your style!

Custom eyes are in full effect.

Jet Black -  Sienna Brown Only

Gel Set Liner






Brow Precision Pencil


Volume X MOD Mascara

Fluff up and lift those lashes with our infamous slplash proof  Volume X Mascara! Allow your eyes to take centerstage. Lengthen, curl, volumize and lock lashes into place for all day wear. Formulated to immediately thicken your lash folicles instantly delivering maximium -dramatic results!

Water resistant - Black only

Our micro precision retractable, (sharpen free) brow pencil, with built in grooming brush, offers controlled brow filling and lining  quickly and effortlessly!

Our unique formula delivers a well defined non- transferable  brow revealing a well refined polished look.



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