Perfect blush application is all about placement.  Powders offer the most goof-proof application.

"Ideally you want the burst of color placed directly on the apples of your cheeks, nestle the brush directly under your eye pupil and across from the tip of your nose. Then blend up and out two inches."

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Blush for dry skin:

We all know dry skin quickly eats and drinks any thing that it is given creating the dissapearing act. Looking for a blush that will last from breakfast to after hours cocktails? Choose a cream or liquid gel based formula.


1.) Use your ring finger tip. Apply 3  small dabs of product starting from the apple of your cheek and work the product upwards towards the hights point of our temple.

2.)  Gently  press and dab into your skin for a streak free polished look. 

# GETTHATLOOK >>>> Gently dust and blend to your skin by buffing in fast circular motions using a  Kabuki (travel friendly) powder brush. Start by swiveling the product towards the temple  around your hair line and blend back and forth in fast circular motions - down the jawline and under the apples of your cheeks. Continue this motion until you achieve the look. Finish down the contour of your décolleté. Then #TOPTHISLOOK with applying your Blush color to the apples of your cheeks.Our Duo travel palette allows you to create the illusion of a more defined beauty - delivering a healthy radiant glow.

* Fair/Pale Complexion:

* Light/MediumComplexion:

* Medium/Darkest Complexion:

TRY Peach, Coral, Soft  “Cinnamon”  Bronze and/ or Soft Pink.

Bronze, Red, Deep Pink or Fuchsia, Plum Shades


Peach,(Cinnamon) Bronze, Light to Medium Pink, Light Red Shades

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Applying your Bronzer...